Smart: the future of rotational moulding.


Leonardo Smart is a very compact rotational moulding chamber, with typical dimensions of 4 metres wide by 4 metres deep by 2.2 metres high.

From a mechanical point of view, the machine looks like an offset arm of a conventional rotational moulding machine.
No oven is needed for mould heating, which is done directly by thermoresistors mechanically mounted on the surface of the mould itself.

Cooling is done by built-in fans mounted onto the frame of the primary axle, in a such a position as to optimize their effectiveness.
This arrangement ensures increased productivity, thanks to shorter cycle times compared to traditional systems, when using the same material and the same heat exchange area.

Drastic reduction in dead time.

To reduce dead time as much as possible and increase productivity, the machine can optionally be outfitted to allow for swapping out the spider, the metal structure holding the mould, at every cycle.

In this way, mould opening, part unloading, assembly of any inserts to be co-moulded and powder loading can be carried out on-board the machine.

The docking of the spider on the machine is achieved by means of a quick coupling plate carrying the hook-ups and connectors for electric power, pneumatic lines and any auxiliary signal lines. The spider is then mechanically locked into place by an automatic locking system. Also available as an option is an intelligent spider recognition system that identifies the specific spider and automatically loads the correct moulding recipe.



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